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AFFORDABLE and Rugged Concrete Supplies

In business since 1982, L&L Rentals Inc. has been you go-to for concrete project supplies, including concrete forming. Whether you’re performing repair and maintenance to the cement around your home or business or installing new concrete, turn to our experts for the equipment you need at affordable rates. 

Quality products include the innovative Symons Form Steel-Ply System, designed for maximum versatility.   

The Finest Rental Accessories and Consumables

  • Wedge bolts in both standard and long
  • Waler clamps
  • Turnbuckle straights
  • Strongback hooks
  • Scaffold brackets 
  • Magic Kote form release
  • Flat, loop, or snap wall ties, varying in lengths from 4" to 60" depending on style of tie
  • Expansion joints 
  • Vapor barriers and films 
  • Rigid Insulation: Extruded Polystyrene in 1, 1.5, 2, and 3"
  • Erosion control products 

Proven Concrete Systems to Get the Job Done Right

  • Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms - These insulated concrete forms are easy to assemble, lightweight and durable while still providing you with an added R25 value around your concrete. 
  • Concrete sidewalk forms - 4" or 12" high plastic pour steel form. These flexible forms are easily manipulated into a gradual radius. We do stock 4 and 12" high steel forms as well as plastic
  • Zurn Trench Drain System - Get Zurn, which is a complete expanded polystyrene (EPS) trench drain system. 
Call 218-262-5232 for FREE estimates and quotes upon request. 

Varying Stock of Quality Rebar and Wire Mesh

  • All rebar are 20-foot lengths
  • All rated at Grade 60
  • Manufactured in the United States 
  • Wire Mesh in light and heavy gauging. All sheets are 8'x15'
  • Rebar accessories
  • FREE quoting
  • Cutting and bending
  • Larger sizes and lengths of rebar available by special order
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